Welding is a general term for various processes used to join metal parts by producing coalescence, called a weld, at a joint.  This is done by applying heat and energy while bringing the pieces of metal together.  Welding has many applications, both domestically and industrially.  Welding is a dependable, efficient and economic method for permanently joining similar metals.  Welding is used extensively in all sectors of manufacturing, from earth moving equipment to the aerospace industry.  Lancaster Metalworks, Inc. has the equipment to weld aluminum, steel, and stainless steel.  Whatever your welding needs are we have the proper equipment and welding fixtures to get the job done right and on time.  If your company is in need of a quality manufacturer that has a one-stop shop for all your quality fabrication needs, Lancaster Metalworks, Inc. is the right place.

Mission Statement

Lancaster Metalworks, Inc. offers a high quality product, due to our commitment to Jesus Christ and our pledge to be good stewards of all God has blessed us with.

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord. 

-Colossians 3:23

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